Surfer Dudes

Beach Walk   04It’s just too easy. Shooting in Cape Town is just too easy. Images are all around you waiting to be made. I took this shot of these two surfer dudes on Noordhoek Beach with my camera on my hip like a machine gun. Boom!

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Yellow Catch on Muizenberg Beach


After an awesome shoot I had with Kirsten Murphy Rossiter in Woodstock for my Cape Town Folk film series, I went home, dropped off my gear and the car, walked down to the beach to chill out and just enjoy a peanut-power milkshake. Just as I sat down on the beach I saw amongst the surfers what must have been 10 men rowing in a boat – viking style – right off Muizenberg beach.. The boat was full of rope and net with just a little bit of room to sit. I knew what was coming so I got up and ran home, picked up my camera and ran back to the beach.


By the time I got back to the beach the men had just got back from dropping the nets and had just started pulling the ropes. The siren went off signalling sharks had been spotted (or maybe it was just precautionary). It was pretty amazing seeing all the surfer make a run for it – whatever it’s called if you’re in water. More and more people began to join the tug-of-war and about an hour later the fishermen raked in three bakkie loads of yellow tail fish and gave away some to the folk that helped pull the nets in.